Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hot new things happening at Scott's Cycle and Sports Kennewick

Fall is fast approaching and the some of the best weather of the year for cycling is coming with it. September and October are our favorite time to get out and peddle.  Firstly the temperatures are mild typically in the 70's and 80's for highs making it just right for going out without heat or cold worries. Secondly fall has far less wind than the spring here in the Columbia Basin making it a great time to set PR's on your favorite routes.  Thirdly fall in the desert is a beautiful and the acitivty from all the big farms in our area help create spectacular sunsets followed by the harvest moon which falls in the center of this micro season.  Scott's Cycle and Sports Kennewick has a lot going on during the next 4-6 weeks including what we are calling Strong Dollar Savings and select models,  Superfuntime MTB Party which is a weekend of camping and mountain biking is the Blue Mountains and the continuation of Saturday morning road rides and the start of the Chinook Mountainbike Training Series which our shop is ride number 3 shop sponsor.

Strong Dollar Savings

Strong Dollar Savings is basically a savings on select bicycles and gear that we are able to give to you  that will stretch the value of your cash and give you more for your buck.  These are specific models that we have on the floor that will save you hundreds of dollars.  Below is a small list of some of the bicycles with Strong Dollar Savings.  Also things like apparel and components like tires are included on in store savings please stop by and check out the deals

Giant Propel Advanced 1/ Strong Dollar Savings $500
View Specs

Giant Defy Advanced 2/ Strong Dollar Savings $475
Giant XTC Advanced 29er 1/ Strong Dollar Savings $550
Giant Anthem 27.5 3/ Strong Dollar Savings
Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2/ Strong Dollar Savings $480
Giant Reign 27.5 2/ Strong Dollar Saving $560
Giant TCR Advanced 1/ Strong Dollar Savings $375

Superfuntime MTB Party October 1st and 2nd

October 1st and 2nd is the third annual Superfuntime MTB Party.  Once again this super fun camp-out and weekend of mountain bike riding takes place at nine mile pond near the nine mile trailhead of the Umatilla rim trail.  Loosely organized by Brian Cimmiyotti and Scott's Cycle and Sports this is just a family friendly fun weekend in the Umatilla National Forest riding some of the best of the best trails of the area. We have put together a blog page with more info like directions, schedule and ride descriptions

Chinook Cycling Club MTB Training Series

Back again for 2016 the Chinook Cycling Club Fall MTB Training Series.  This is a long running series of rides starting September 24th and continuing every other Saturday for six events ending Saturday December 3rd.  This is an excellently run series that is a great way to ride with friends and challenge skills and fitness on a variety of courses right here in the Columbia Basin.

Link to PDF flyer for 2016 Series.  2016 Fall MTB Training Series

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Upcoming Events and News from High Gear Coaching Scott's Cycle Triathlon

Scott's Cycle and Sports partnered up with High Gear Coaching in 2015 and now will be going on to two years in operation this spring 2017.  High Gear Coaching Scott's Cycles Triathlon as we like to call it specailizes in not only offering the Tri-Cites as the best place for Triathlon Gear it also sells specific road and mountianbike racing gear from brands like Garmin, Felt, Profile Designs, Polar, Tacx, Vitorria, Hammer Nutrition, Clif Bar and many more. High Gear Coaching also offers full physiology testing, specific bike fitting featuring by a full basement work out area filled with a veriety of workout equipment for running,cycling and injury prevention. High Gear Coaching is your complete speed, power, endurance and agility facility. Headed up by excercise physiologist and coach Aaron Stites brother Zachary Stites, Bod Pod Technician Megan Fehrenbacher, Speed Power Coach Leo Slack and USA Triathlon coach Jennifer Comfort

In the next few weeks High Gear Coaching has a lot going on including Chamber Ribbon Cutting a Running and Training Technique seminar featuring Hall of Fame running/sprinting coach Gary Winckler.

Sept 10th - High Gear Coaching helps Sponsor the Dirty Dozen road fondo. This is a road bike event and we are giving them prizes and have helped with development of the course, marketing, and the food drive aspect of the event.

Sept 17th - High Gear Coaching is the lead sponsor of the Indian Summer Half marathon and 5k presented by Tri-City Community Credit Union. Aaron and his wife are the race directors and we will have tables from vendors, sponsors and ourselves at the race. This is a Fun event!

Sept 22 at 11:30am - Ribbon cutting. The chamber will be inviting all members to come out and meet us and check out the shop and training center. So the shop and the downstairs will have some additional changes and rearranges before then.

Sept 24th True grand opening 10-5 - Megan is working on developing our flier and then will be hitting the community to let people know and invite them. She is contacting the fire department to see if they are interested in helping with kid's safety checks. We will have and training course downstairs, bike safety checks, kids skills ride course, speed and power checks (hopefully I can get Rick to bring his force plate). Megan is also calling some bakeries to see if we can get some cakes for contests. We will have dream dinners, 24 bones, and possibly Therapeutic Associates here. We will have prizes on testing, training, and items supplied by these other companies. We will hopefully also have some bikes to test along with the elliptigos. Any additional ideas would be welcomed.

Oct 1 - B reactor ride - We will have a table at the finish of this. This ride is for community VIP's and costs $100 per rider with a limit of 100 riders.

Oct 15 - Running and Training Technique seminar. Carol Hansen and I have invited Gary Winckler retired hall of fame running/sprinting coach to come do the seminar with us. We are working on the details but it will be about a 6 hr seminar that will cover how to improve running form, efficiency, strength, avoid injury and QA on training plans, nutrition, and recovery. This will be a great opportunity for us as a High Gear team to work with Gary. This will be marketed to the high schools, middle schools, and community for sprinters, distance, and team sports. I'll send out the preliminary agenda for feedback and input.

Then we are looking forward to the introduction of our "Gear up" general fitness program. Megan is working on the details but it is a food accountability/support and fitness program. Requires a 3 month commitment and is $249 a month. 

So a lot is going on and I'm excited. Aaron Stites as been talking with Ron the owner of the building that High Gear Coaching leases about the possibility of an endless pool downstairs. He may be willing to foot the bill for it. Cost is $25000. We have also been given permission to make any additional improvements to the downstairs. Aaron Stites also working with the building owner on a fresh air exchange system.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Superfuntime MTB Party details announced for October 1st and 2nd

Again for the third year the Superfuntime MTB Party is happening this October.  Official dates are October 1st and 2nd.

The event called Scott's Cycle and Sports Superfuntime MTB Party means riding some of the best singletrack trials in the NW with your friends and participating in a party that includes shuttles of epic single track, organized rides of classic Eastern Oregon courses, a bragging rights non competitive short track race with prizes, and a family camping experience that will be definitely remembered.

When: October 1st and 2nd
Tentative Schedule: 

Saturday October 1st

8:00am Camp set up at Nine Mile Trail Head of Umatilla Rim around Nine Mile Pond

10:00am Organized Ride from Nine Mile trail head to Horseshoe Prairie and back (18 miles estimated distance).

10:00am Organized ride from Nine Mile trail head to Lake Creek and back (16 miles estimated distance).

10:00am Organized ride from Nine Mile trail head onto Summit road to Horseshoe Pairie to Lake Creek and back 35 miles estimated distance

1:00pm Organized ride at Spout Springs featuring the RoundaboutSpout race course.  Round about Spout was an OBRA race held at Spout Springs in July 2014. Spout Springs is home to one of the earliest NORBA races in Oregon starting way back in the 80's 

7:00 Night Time Campfire and BBQ from Scott's Cycle and Sports 

Sunday October 4th

7:00am Pancake Breakfast from Scott's Cycle and Sports

9:30am Nine Mile Pond Short Track this is a non competitive for fun race determining the riders who can ride around Nine Mile Pond the most times in 35 minutes.  Scott's Cycle and Sports may break down winners by ability and age and also by who raced with the most style for prizes.  Last year we had so much fun we forgot who won and forgot about the prizes so this year if we stay focassed we will double up the prizes from last year.  Don't get to excited the prizes are more like funny gifts but get excited for a fun weird fast as you can peddle couple laps around the pond before we load up for the main event Shuttle ride starting on Rough Fork Trail near Mottet campground

10:30am Shuttle Ride from Rough Fork trail near Mottet tcampground to Harris State Park (18 miles estimated distance). This is the featured ride of the weekend with start and finish decending 4000 feet of elevation for a epic downhill ride. Scott's Cycle and Sports will be organizing shuttles to Mottet trail head and picking up riders at Harris State Park and then returning them to Nine Mile Trail Head via Linton Mountain Road.  Shuttle space is limited so reserve your spot early or organize your own transportation.  Ride can be done with out pick-up via Burnt Cabin trail or non-motorized service road to Linton Moutain road (estimated distances 35-45 miles)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gran Fondo Goldendale the best

Ride report from Gran Fondo Goldendale April 17th

 Known as the most scenic Fondo in the Vicious Cycles Gran Fondo Series this years addition did not disappoint. Weather was optimum with sunny skies, temperatures in the mid to high seventies with just a slight wind.  That all came together to showcase the views of the Columbia Gorge, Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount Ranier, and Mount Saint Helens.  As we rolled out of town an excited rider pointed out that Mount Jefferson was also visible in the distant horizon on this day.  The feeling was special  as it was going to be a four volcano day, "you don't get many of those"  the friendly rider mentioned to us.

 Goldendale is located at the breaking point of the arid region of eastern Washington known as the rain shadow caused by the cascade mountains directly to the west.  The cascade effect is felt north and south along a region that is known as Cascadia.  This line connects Wanatchee Washington to Bend Oregon, covers both states and continues into British Columbia all sharing similar distinct breaks in rainfall caused by the volcanic range.  Goldendale in particular has a unique perspective of being on top of the Columbia plateau while being centrally located with in a short visual distance of the most dramatic mountains in the entire cascade range. It's location was chosen by astronomers William Cambell and Heber Curtis in 1918 for an experiment to determine the suns gravitational pull on other stars.  Goldendale keeps this heritage as a unique place to see the universe and is home to one of the largest public observatories in the northwest region.  It also is a rural town based on agriculture, timber and was supported in the past by the closed aluminum plant along the gorge that closed in 2003.  The area around the small towns of Goldendale, Centerville, Lyle and Klickitat are spattered with beautiful ranches and farms all placing themselves uniquely within the landscape.

As a cyclist riding either mountain bikes along the Columbia Gorge near Lyle and White Salmon or as a road cyclists riding around the scenic byways this area is a treasure of winding roads and trails.  Gran Fondo Goldendale puts it all together  the course is put together by longtime Eastern Washington cyclist Jake Meadke,  Jake is a rider and it shows I first met Jake about a decade and a half ago and I felt he may be a kindred spirit when we both realized we were probably the only ones that raced the Squirlchucker mountain bike race near Mission Ridge on Saturday and then drove to Government Camp and did the Ski Bowl mountain bike race on Sunday just because they both sounded fun.  Jake is one of best all round riders to come out of our area not just because of his riding skills which are plentiful but for the passion he has for riding .  This mind set has let Jake develop a very well thought out course with dramatic points spaced out evenly along the route.

Gran Fondo Goldendale starts with a gentle climb into the hills north of town filled with Douglas Firs and Ponderosa Pines then continues turning south on some gravel roads into Centerville for a quick feed at the school by this point you get a good feel and taste of things to come.  After the first feed zone the route continues south up to the peaks along the top of the Columbia Gorge briefly descending down some ruff dirt roads with extreme views of the Columbia river far below before climbing back to the north side of the peaks riding between the windmills.

The Goldendale course then heads west and climbs up a white oak tree covered ridge breaking towards the canyon formed by the Kickitat river you then follow around the horn of the ridge and descend via an extraordinarily winding road that consistantly looses elevation into Lyle. Once at Lyle riders are presented with an excellently stocked feed zone with all kinds of food and treats along with Cliff Blocks and other cycling specific nutrition.  I especially liked the mini Pita Pit wraps, they were about the size of a mini Snickers bar and were filled with either turkey, chicken and veggies.   I ate at least a half dozen of them before we continued on. These little wraps were delicious and it wasn't just the fifty plus miles we had put in so far talking.

After the Feed zone in Lyle  the course heads south along the Klickitat river for a beautiful ride along the river with dramatic bends along the canyons.  What is unique about the ridges around the Klickitat river canyon is that they contain mature old growth Oregon White Oak groves.  Oregon White Oaks, Quercus garryana or Gerry Oaks offer the only known substrate for rare slow growing species of pin lichens.  In particular the pin lichens found in these groves technically called Calicium quercinum can only be found in just two places in North America the other being in Illinois.  What is even more unique is that in these strains of Calicium quercinum the ones in the Klickitat watershed may be totally unique on planet earth as discovered as recently as 2010 by botanist Kathryn Beck.  This makes the journey up river continuing thru the town of Klickitat on a narrow two lane road a significant moment and begs for a return trip and special care.

The most dramatic and physically demanding section of the Grand Fondo Goldendale course begins after crossing the Klickitat again this time back to the east.  At this point in the ride with many miles already in the legs the technical, steep, dirt, gravel and rock road climbs out of the canyon formed by the Klickitat and returns to the Columbia Plateau.  The climb forms memories of physical pain and natural beauty as it etches though Oregon White Oaks and steep canyons until reaching green flowing pastures on the plateau.  Once at the top striking views of Mt Hood pressed the mountains massiveness into frame.  As we road by the friendly wave of two ranchers standing by their pickup truck in the field this put the moment of experiencing the climb into perspective.  This land is special. rare, gorgeous this is the epitome of the Columbia Gorge please treat with care and enjoy.

In the end we were happy to finish and the tired feeling in our legs and bodies were filled with experience which will be put in the bank and draw interest for years to come.  Me and my wife were happy to see so many friends and team mates out riding on this day.  It was so nice to see my old time friends Anthony Cree and Brian Marcroft at the start once again. We still seem to find each other either at races, trails, roads or places were riding bikes can be had twenty years in and counting.  Also to all the High Gear Coaching riders, Charlie Wilcox, Warren Hurley, Eric Armstrong, Jeremiah Schliesman and Sean Jennart it is great to be a part of this Team.  And to all the Tri-City area riders Chad Woods, Chuck Cone, Dan Cooley, Phil Nelson, Craig Fortner and to our current out of towner friends Jared Despain and Chuck Wyckoff.  Chuck Wyckoff  you road strong hopefully your new bike helped out and thanks for all the support and business with our shop over the last couple years. And to Jared Despain we looked at the results and you killed it definitely in the front group good job.    Here is to more adventures riding in 2016


Brian Cimmiyotti

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In other news pro talent at eMTB race

Over the last weekend at Sea-Otter Hai Bike put on a eMTB race and attracted pro talent. It showcased the possibilities with these fun bicycles. Oh and bye the way we are an authorized Dealer for Hai Bike the leader in E-bike Technology and have a couple to try on the floor. So come check them out.  Below is the Hai Bike press release for the Haibike eMTB race and winners

Christoph Sauser Wins Haibike eMTB Race

When it comes to racing mountain bikes, with or without some help from an electric motor, Christoph Sauser proved once again he’s one of the fastest riders in the world. Racing against over 100 riders in the inaugural Haibike eMTB Race powered by Bosch, Sauser powered to the front of the pack, adding yet another win to his impressive resume at the Sea Otter Classic.

Riders young and old, most of which had never tried an electric pedal-assist mountain bike before, blasted around the XC circuit course at Sea Otter in the hour-long race. Sauser, followed closely by a trio of pro e-bike riders from France, opened an early lead in the race. However, with his legendary bike handling skills, Sauser was able to break away by the third lap and finished with a commanding 40-second lead.

“We couldn’t be happier with how the race went—it exceeded all our expectations,” said Ken Miner, Haibike's U.S. Director of Sales. “Every single one of our 55 demo bikes was used in the race and everyone was having a blast out on the course. This was a perfect opportunity to showcase both the fun and performance our bikes offer to riders of all abilities.”

Video Courtesy of Cyclocross Magazine

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chinook Spring Road Series and Rock the Bike Cycling Festival June 11th featuring the Dirty Dozen Grand Fondo Classic

Chinook Cycling Club is again putting on the annual Spring Road Series.  This is a Chinook Cycling Club run road bike training series it started April 16th and will run every other Saturday until June 4th.  While it is not a true race series it is by design a great way for local cyclists to train and learn the basics of road bike racing and develop participants for racing northwest area road bike races like the Tour of Walla Walla, Baker City Cycling Classic, Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race, Cascade Cycling Classic and others.  Even if your not interested in racing it is also just a great way to go out and ride hard with your friends. Rides start at 9:30am on Saturday mornings check the Chinook Cycling Club website for courses and start locations.

Want more rides and cycling events in the Columbia Basin you got it.  The Steve,  Justin and crew at Dirty Dozen Cycling Events have added a Grand Fondo June 11th to the all ready legendary Dirty Dozen Cycling Classic September 10th.  This is also in collaboration with the Bike Tri-Cities Bike Challenge awards party and Bike Fair also happening Saturday June 11th.  It is going to be a big day in the Tri-Cities for cyclists of all styles and levels and Scott's Cycle and Sports is excited to be a part. Amie from the CF Ride, David from REI,  Doug from Tri-Cities Credit Union, Aaron from High Gear Coaching, Justin and Steve from Dirty Dozen Cycling Events and Brian from Scott's Cycle and Sports have been planning and organizing not only the May Bike Challenge but the Bike Tri-Cities Rock the Bike Cycling Festival.  So mark your calendars for Saturday June 11th as this is going to be one of the biggest family and cycling enthusiast events in the Columbia Basin for 2016.  Bike Tri-Cities formally Three Rivers Bicycle Coalition has been working on quite a few things in the past few months from local bicycle advocacy to organizing the Local May Bike Challenge in collaboration with the League of American Bicyclists National Campaign.  A lot of collaboration has been had with local bicycle shops and the growing enthusiasm and group effort has been exciting and motivating for us at Scott's Cycle and Sports.  For us this is what it is all about,  getting more people to ride bicycles and get more people into the positive benefits of cycling at all levels.  Starting with the May Bike Challenge and following with the June 11th Rock the Bike Cycling Festival which also includes the Dirty Dozen Grand Fondo Classic 2016, Bike Tri-Cities has been very busy promoting cycling for 2016.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Scott's to Scott's 2016 Route and Ride Date set for April 24th

The Route for Scott's to Scott's 2016

Scott's to Scott's map my ride Link
Scott’s to Scott’s 2016
The annual Scott’s to Scott’s bike ride covers the roads between Scott’s Cycle and Sports Kennewick and Scott’s Cycle and Sports Hermiston. The route includes beautiful country roads of Weber Canyon, Plymouth,Locust Grove and Badger canyon to complete 80 mile circuit.  Riders from Oregon and Washington are treated to lunch and aid stations along the way

Where: Scott’s Cycle and Sports
When: Riders leaving from McNary Dam park in Oregon leave at 7:00am on Sunday April 24th

Riders leaving from the Kennewick Scott’s Cycle and Sports start at 10:00am on Sunday April 24th
What: The ride is Free!! and supported!!! All riders get lunch once they get to McNary Dam Park in Oregon. There will be aid stations along the route both Scott’s locations featuring home made cookies.  Scott’s to Scott’s is a customer appreciation ride and way of thanking area riders for supporting our business and to give them even more fun opportunities to get out and ride.